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Dr. Brian May

The Department of Agriculture is proud to recognize Dr. Brian May as our 2013-14 Outstanding Alumnus.

Dr. May, his older brother, Kevin, and two sisters, Bernadette and Mary, grew up in Sudan, just northeast of Lubbock. That is where his family dedication to Angelo State University began. Kevin pursued his career in veterinary medicine, Bernadette and Mary pursed their careers in nursing and, finally, Dr. May received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in animal science. From there, his career was just beginning. Dr. May would continue his education and set foot to achieve many life-changing goals.

In 1976, Dr. May sat in freshman animal science with the original intention to someday be a county extension agent, but those plans were quick to change when he realized he was much more intrigued by the thought of teaching, as well as being actively involved in research at the university. Dr. May has done numerous things for the Agriculture Department. Working hand-in-hand with Dr. Gil Engdahl, he helped start the first judging teams at ASU, as well as one of our university’s strongest student organizations - Block and Bridle.         

Upon completion of his master’s degree, Dr. May switched gears and traveled to College Station, where he received his doctorate in ruminant nutrition. From there, he gladly returned to West Texas to begin his lifelong endeavors. Dr. May took a step in a different direction from his initial plans to teach, and instead became the executive director of the Mohair Council of America. This job opportunity helped carve Dr. May into the individual he is today.

One of the key learning experiences from that job made him realize that it is important to be actively involved in your community, which is something that Dr. May takes much pride in. He is actively involved in the West Texas Boys Ranch, Sonrisas Therapeutic Riding Association, San Angelo Chamber of Commerce, Hospice of San Angelo, San Angelo Independent School District and San Angelo Stock Show and Rodeo Association.

In 1994, Dr. May returned to teach at ASU as an assistant professor and research scientist. He also became president of the Alumni Association, which is one thing about Angelo State University that he truly loves. Upon his graduation, there was certainly an alumni association, but there was nowhere it could call home. So he and fellow alumni took part in designing and raising funds for the LeGrand Alumni and Visitors Center. His parents also played a significant role in the building of LeGrand Center. They took pride and joy in the project as all four of their children graduated from ASU. They wanted to do their part in making the idea happen.

From there, Dr. May set his sights on university administration. In 2007, along with his full-time professor duties, he assumed the role of special assistant to the president, and in 2009, he was selected as dean of the College of Graduate Studies and Research. In this role, he witnessed the rate of graduate enrollment increase by 66 percent over four years. In 2011, he served as provost and vice president for academic affairs, and in 2012 was selected from a field of 60 applicants as the fifth president of Angelo State University. Dr May served as ASU President until 2020.

Dr. May met his wife, Patti, at ASU, and they had two daughters, Mackenzie and Morgan, who have kept the ASU family tradition going.

“I have a deep affinity and love for this school for what it did for me and continues to do for my family,” Dr. May said.

He feels that Angelo State offers many high-quality degrees and suggests to future students that one of the best things you can do in your college career is just get involved. He assures us and anyone who asks him that Angelo State University is the school for him.