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Mr. Jamin Phipps

The Angelo State University department of Agriculture is proud to recognize Mr. Jamin Phipps as the outstanding Alumnus for 2020.

Mr. Phipps comes from the small town of Crane, Texas which also serves as the county seat of Crane County. He graduated from Angelo State University in 2004 with a Bachelor of Science in Animal Science, followed by the completion of a Master’s in Animal Science with a concentration in meat science from ASU in 2006. Today, he is the Assistant Vice President/General Manager of Cargill Dodge City in Dodge City, KS.

As an undergraduate, Mr. Phipps enjoyed playing football at Angelo State. He chose Angelo State because he received a football scholarship. As a graduate student, he enjoyed his time working at the meat lab and he thoroughly enjoyed meats judging where he was a member of ASU’s inaugural meats judging team in 2005. This, as well as his meat science classes, is what propelled Jamin to pursue a job at Cargill Meat Solutions. Upon graduation, Jamin began working with Cargill Meat Solutions and has been with them for 14 years. Jamin started with the Cargill beef plant in Friona, Texas as a Hide Room Supervisor. He eventually moved up to be the Assistant Vice President/General Manager where he held this role for 3 years before taking a lateral move to Kansas. Mr. Phipps says outside of work he enjoys his time as a chair on the board of Big Brothers/Big Sisters organizations of Dodge City and most importantly, spending time with his wife and son.

Upon asking Jamin where he sees the ag industry in the coming years, he said that because of Covid, he has seen that people are realizing that they need agriculture more than ever, and he sees the agriculture industry only going up from here. Also, Mr. Phipps says that Angelo State University’s professors prepared him for the real world by pushing him and challenging him. They challenged him inside and outside the classroom.

Jamin had some very good advice for the students at ASU right now, he said, “Stay humble and work hard for the career you want”. His advice can go a long way, as long as we keep our nose down, we can accomplish whatever we want. When asked if he would have picked another school he said, “No, definitely not! ASU prepared me, and I loved everything about my college experience”.