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Mr. Rob Cook

The Angelo State University Department of Agriculture is proud to recognize Mr. Rob Cook as the 2019 Outstanding Alumnus.

Mr. Rob Cook Mr. Rob Cook  Mr. Cook comes from the small county seat of Vega, Texas, roughly five hours north of San Angelo. He graduated from Angelo State University in 2002 with his Bachelor’s degree in animal science and then again in 2004 with his Master’s in animal science with a concentration in range and wildlife management. Today, he is the Director of Business Development for Bamert Seed Company in Muleshoe, Texas.

As an undergraduate, Mr. Cook was involved in a few different student organizations such as Block and Bridle and Delta Tau Alpha. He chose Angelo State because of the tight-knit, family atmosphere. Mr. Cook says when he first visited our great university, he fell in love with the facilities, most importantly, the MIR Center. He was also the recipient of the CARR scholarship, which weighed heavily on the decision making the process.

Mr. Cook stays exceptionally busy outside of the workplace, he serves on the Board of Directors for the National Grazing Land Coalition, Texas Section Society for Ranch Management, Oklahoma Section Society for Ranch Management, and serves on a couple of committees for the International Society for Range Management. In these organizations, he promotes furtherment and development of range science and range professionals, and different coalitions come together to ensure that technical assistance is provided on our nation’s grazing land.

In the coming years, Mr. Cook sees the agriculture industry taking a big leap forward as people become more interested and engaged in learning about where their food comes from. In addition, he believes that people are becoming more interested in the health of our environment. It is his belief that Angelo State University prepared him to be a critical thinker and to form his own opinion and not conform to the ideas around him.

Mr. Cook advises students going into the workforce to keep their nose down, work hard, do the best they can and have a positive attitude. He also advises students that are interested in research to look at what is going on below the surface; the more agriculture advances, the more we will have to know about what is underneath us and how to properly manage it. He left us with a few words of wisdom, “There are only a few things that we can control, whether it’s school or in the workplace, and those are things like your attitude, your body language, and your effort. If you take care of those things, everything will work out for you in the long run.”