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Agriculture Science and Leadership (AGSC) Courses

  • 2300 Introduction to Agriculture Science (3-0). An introduction to the field of agriculture science concepts as addressed in Texas public school curricula.

    2302 Principles of Effective Technology Use in Agriculture Science (3-0). Computer hardware and software used in agriculture science in Texas public schools.

    3302 Welding and Metal Work (2-2). Basic principles of welding and metalwork, including an introduction to basic metallurgy, cutting and joining metals, use of oxyacetylene, electric arc welding, and plasma arc welding. Emphasis on understanding properties and theory of welding of various metals.

    3303 Mechanical Systems Management in Agriculture (2-2). Basic principles of internal combustion engine theory and operations with emphasis on small gas power plants for agricultural and non-agricultural systems.

    3313 Management of Supervised Agricultural Experience Programs (3-0). Provide students with the theory and application for working with youth in the selection, management and record keeping procedures used with supervised agricultural experience programs and youth projects.

    3331 Agricultural Youth Leadership Organizations (3-0). Principles and application of leadership skills commonly taught in youth agricultural organizations. Emphasis on youth leadership development events and seamlessly integrating activities and curriculum.

    4304 Methods of Teaching Agriscience in the Secondary School (3-0). Exploring methods of teaching agriculture science in the classroom.

    4308 Agricultural Buildings and Environmental Control (2-2). Determination of agricultural building requirements, materials, design and construction. Includes construction, tools and equipment, framing, environmental control and utilities.

    4391 Agricultural Science Problems (3-0). Individual investigation related to agricultural science or leadership. (May be repeated for credit.)
    Prerequisite: Approval of department chairperson.