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Developing Tomorrow’s Meat and Food Scientists

Developing Tomorrow’s Meat and Food Scientist is a program aimed at preparing new food scientist to competitively pursue a career in the Meat and Food Industries.

The program starts before students ever start their collegiate career. Students interested in this type of career can get a jump on college life by participating in the hands-on, summer LIFT program.

What is LIFT?

LIFT (Leaders in Food Technology) is a week long, summer camp held on ASU campus which gives attendees a sneak peak at college life and the world of Food Science Research! LIFT participants get to investigate the science of modern meat and food production and safety.

Once attending Angelo State, participants in DTMFS will major in Food Animal Science and Marketing (FASM). The FASM degree, implemented in 2011–12, is the first of its kind in Texas with a multidisciplinary curriculum designed for careers in food and agriculture. The degree combines the disciplines of food/meat science, animal science and management/marketing to more aptly prepare students for careers in government, academia and industry.

What is unique about the FASM degree that will help give students an edge?

This degree is a combination of courses designed to give students a solid background in the production and sales of foods of animal origin. Food science courses are very hands-on and look at the quality and safety of our food supply. Students in these courses are exposed to sampling, producing and evaluating many food and meat products as a way to learn how science is integrated with food production. Students will be given the chance to step into the lab and work with state-of-the-art industry standard equipment as part of their required coursework and integrated undergraduate research projects. As part of the FASM degree, students must complete an internship and/or an undergraduate research project. Local industries and the USDA-FSIS have partnered with ASU to create a impressive pool of internship opportunities for our students! Undergraduate research areas include food/meat safety, quality, production and/or development. Experience obtained from these courses along with research and internship opportunities have led many of our graduates to fulfilling careers working with industry leaders like Hillshire brands, HEB and Bobby Cox Foods. Learn more on coursework specific to FASM here.

What resources are available to help students navigate through college and beyond?

Professor/Research Scientist
Senior Instructor/Research Associate