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Faculty and Staff


Professor/Department Chair/Director of MIR/Research Scientist
Dean of Freshman College/Professor/Director of 1st Year Experience – Freshman College
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Professor/Research Scientist
Interim Chair/Professor/Research Scientist
Senior Instructor/Research Associate
Senior Instructor/Research Associate
Assistant Professor


Office Coordinator II
Research Associate & Coordinator of Community Outreach

Adjunct Faculty

Dr. William E. Pinchak
Texas Agricultural Experiment Station (Range Animal Nutrition)

Dr. Markus F. Miller
Texas Tech University (Meat Science, Food Processing and Preservation)

Dr. Leslie D. Thompson
Texas Tech University (Food Science and Safety)

Dr. Morgan Treadwell
Texas A&M Agrilife Extension

Dr. Travis R. Whitney
Texas Agricultural Experiment Station (Ruminant Nutrition)

Dr. Chris Womack, DVM
Los Caballos Veterinary Clinic

Retired Faculty and Staff

Dr. Gil R. Engdahl
Professor Emeritus of Animal Science (Ruminant Nutrition)

Dr. Warren L. Griffin
Retired Professor of Animal Science (Meat Science) (Deceased)

Dr. G. Leon Holland
Professor Emeritus of Animal Science (Computer Applications in Agriculture) (Deceased)

Mr. Clayton S. McCown
Retired Coordinator of Research

Dr. Donald R. Shelby
Professor Emeritus of Animal Science (Animal Genetics and Reproduction)