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Pre-Veterinarian Medicine

Angelo State University offers a series of courses designed to qualify students for entrance to schools of veterinary medicine. It is the responsibility of the student to make all applications for admittance and to check admission requirements of the school chosen. Before enrolling in the pre-veterinary medicine curriculum, the student should report to the Agriculture Department for advisement. If a student desires to earn a degree before entering a school of veterinary medicine, the student is advised to major in animal science and take a minor in biology and chemistry.

Courses Hours
Animal Science 3320, 3332, 3342 3

Biology 1306/1106 or 1307/1107,
Biology 3411,
Biology 3301 or Animal Science 3443


Chemistry 1311/1111, 1312/1112, 3451, 3452, 4331

Communication 1315 3
English 1301, sophomore literature 6
Mathematics 3321 3

Physics 1301/1101, 1302/1102