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Hunt Guidelines

  1. Each hunter must be selected through a public drawing.
  2. Management reserves the right to refuse any person the right to hunt on the MIR Center because of unsafe practices.
  3. Each hunter selected must submit full payment prior to hunting.
  4. Hunters will draw a hunt area that will range from 200-1,000 acres. They may hunt in any acceptable manner, including hunting from deer stands, rattling and stalking, but they are not allowed to hunt from vehicles.
  5. Each hunter must attend a hunting orientation provided on-site the afternoon before hunting.
  6. A guide will accompany each hunter.
  7. Automatic deer feeders and stands will be provided for hunting purposes in each hunt area.
  8. Hunters may only participate in one hunt each year.
  9. A hunter may use any acceptable weapon, but our hunting operation is designed toward rifle hunting. Using other weapons may reduce hunter success.

More Information

For more information, contact Dr. Cody B. Scott at 325-942-2027 or

Apply Online

Use this application to participate in one of the Agriculture Department’s hunts.