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Wildlife Management and Hunting Opportunities

Public Draw Hunts

Trophy Whitetail, Turkey and Javelina Hunting at an Affordable Price
ASU provides hunting opportunities for the public through three public drawings each year.

Register for the public drawings by July 15, 2022.

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About the Deer Herd

The deer herd on the ASU Management, Instruction and Research Center range has been intensively managed for quality white-tailed bucks for more than 25 years. Our philosophy is based on cost-effective white-tailed deer herd management. This involves manipulating

The property is not high-fenced and we do not feed deer on a year-round basis. We have found that through managing our deer herd population and improving habitat quality, we are able to produce exceptional-quality white-tailed bucks without the cost of high-fencing and intensive feeding.

We maintain a deer density of one deer for every 15–20 acres and a buck-doe ratio of one buck for every 1-2 does. Brush control, range reseeding and prescribed burning are used on an annual basis to improve habitat quality.

Automatic deer feeders and food plots are used during hunting season to improve hunter success.