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Department of Biology

Biology is a very diverse field, and our department covers it all – from animals, plants and the environment to science education and healthcare.

Here, you will learn from award-winning professors as you tailor your degree plan to fit your interests. In addition to quality programs in field biology, research and teaching, we have one of the top pre-med programs in the state.


The field of biology is always changing, and new discoveries are made all the time. You can join an exciting world of professionals who make those discoveries, protect our environment, teach the scientists of the future, and care for our citizens in hospitals and healthcare facilities.


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Around the Department

Take a look at some other aspects of our department that make ASU an outstanding place to study biology.

Male student discussing a specimen in the Angelo State Natural History Collections


Amazing Facilities

You can study and research in the Angelo State Natural History Collections that house about 100,000 specimens of plants, birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians from around the world. Plus, our new full-size Greenhouse just opened, and biology students have priority access.

Two female students working in the field at night


Our chapter of the Tri-Beta national biological honor society is the most decorated chapter in the nation. Go on field trips, participate in community service, and enjoy chapter social events as you really get to know your fellow students and professors.

Ashton White scrubbing in during her fellowship in Hungary.

Pre-Health Professions Programs

The medical school acceptance rate for graduates of our pre-med program is about 15% higher than the state average. Plus, we have pre-health programs for students interested in being dentists, podiatrists, chiropractors, optometrists and clinical lab assistants.