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Biology Advising Resources

Faculty Advisors

Four-Year Planning Forms

Use this general form to plan your semesters: Department of Biology Four-Year Plan

Steps to Getting an Official Degree Plan

  1. Complete an application in the Biology Department Office, Room 102 of the Cavness Science Building. The office coordinator will keep the application and give you this degree plan worksheet.
  2. Complete the degree plan worksheet. Feel free to use the Biology Department degree plans to help you.
  3. Take the worksheet to your advisor for his/her approval and signature.
  4. Bring the worksheet back to the Biology Department Office and make an appointment to visit with the department head, Dr. Michael Dixon
  5. Dr. Dixon will sign the application and send it to the dean’s office, where the dean will approve it and enter it into the system.

Note: For VA-eligible students, all of these steps are required to receive benefits.

Future Course Schedules

Use the links below to view the tentative list of courses that may be offered during the specified semesters.