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Searchable Databases

Data for the ASNHC Mammal, Bird, and Amphibian and Reptile collections can be searched on Arctos. Most recently updated versions of data can be found there by selecting the appropriate collection from the drop-down menu.

ASNHC Herbarium data can be searched on the Symbiota within the Texas-Oklahoma Regional Consortium of Herbaria portal. Select the Angelo State University Herbarium (SAT) to search. Nearly every record includes a high-resolution scanned image of the specimen.

Once monthly, data are updated on GBIF,VertNet and iDigBio.

Through a National Science Foundation grant, every effort is being made to ensure the accuracy of cataloged information. However, as the collection data is actively being cleaned and updated, researchers and other users are strongly encouraged to verify information before use or publication. This can be done by contacting the collections manager.

To view publications resulting from use of ASNHC specimens, visit our Google Scholar page.