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Graduate Program Admission

Requirements for Admission

*Students without a degree in biology are required to demonstrate proficiency in Genetics, Cell Biology, Evolution, and Ecology (if credit has not been earned for these courses) by successfully completing the undergraduate course in the first year (with a grade of “C” or better) or by passing a departmental exam prior to the first semester.

**Applicants for the thesis option who fall slightly short of this formula may be considered for provisional admission if they have strong additional indicators that they will be successful in either graduate program.

Financial Assistance

Financial support for graduate students is available through:

More Information

To learn more about the Biology Department graduate programs, contact graduate advisor Dr. Loren Ammerman, a member of the biology graduate faculty.

To learn more about the graduate admissions process at Angelo State University, follow this link: Getting Started With Graduate Admissions

You can also read this information about choosing a graduate school that outlines what you need to know before you apply.

Graduate Degree Plans

The ASU Biology Department offers these graduate programs:

Biology Graduate Faculty

ASU biology graduate faculty members have varying areas of interest. See which faculty member has the same research interests as you.

Biology Graduate Faculty