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Help fill the greenhouse with plants for lab projects and experiments. Each gift will go towards purchasing a wide variety of specimens for research.

Sponsorship Levels

Texas Bluebonnet Illustration

Texas Bluebonnet

Celebrate the official flower of the state of Texas with a Bluebonnet level gift.
Sideoats Grama Illustration

Sideoats Grama

The Sideoats Grama is the official grass of Texas. Your gift will commemorate the rolling hills of Texas.
San Angelo Yucca Illustration

San Angelo Yucca

Even though it grows in the desert, the San Angelo Yucca is an evergreen. Your gift will keep the new facility that way for students, ever green.
Texas Live Oak Illustration

Texas Live Oak

Oaks have a special meaning to Angelo State University. Withstanding the tests of time, their branches protectively stretch out over campus.

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What’s in the Greenhouse?

What kinds of plants will be in the greenhouse? Lots! The greenhouse will house three different biomes in separate spaces. Your gift will support the purchase of plants that go in each biome of the greenhouse.

Tropical Room Plants

Tropical Room

This biome is a tropical habitat that features a living wall full of orchids and unique ferns, tanks for aquatic plants, a bog, floating island and carnivorous plants. Plants in this room may include:


  • Pitcher plants
  • Venus fly traps
  • Butterworts
  • Bladderworts
  • Carnivorous bromeliads
  • Sundews
  • Water wheel
  • Bog plants
    • bog violet
    • bog orchid
    • golden club
    • bog club moss
    • sphagnum moss

Living wall

  • Lipstick plant
  • Common dianella
  • Dischidias
  • Epiphytic ferns and orchids
  • Selaginellas
  • Air plants

Xeric Room Plants

Xeric Room

This biome features high temperatures, dry habitats, exotic succulents and fascinating cacti. Plants in this room may include:

  • Ric rac orchid cactus
  • Rose cactus
  • Aloes
  • Euphorbias and jatrophas
  • Agaves
  • Crassulas
  • Sedums
  • Desert rose
  • Wonder plant
  • Bottle adenium
  • Chalk sticks
  • Black succulent
  • Miniature desert rose
  • Living stone plants
  • Starfish flower
  • Limestone living rocks
  • Life saver plant
  • Ox tongue
  • Climbing rock plant
  • Kalanchoes and kodedamas
  • Aeoniums
  • Haworthias
  • Echeverias
  • Sempervivums

Temperate Room Plants

Temperate Room

This biome features sensory gardens to entice visitors, medicinal plants, food plants and a variety of unusual plants. Plants in this room may include:

Sensory Garden

  • Albuca ‘Frizzle Sizzle’
  • Black cotton
  • Black jewel orchid
  • Banana shrub
  • Jasmine
  • Mints
  • Dutchman’s pipes
  • Carrion plants
  • Cobra lily
  • Sensitive vine

Edible Plants

  • Black pepper
  • Dragon fruit
  • Kumquat
  • Key lime
  • Vanilla vine
  • Pineapple

Wow Plants

  • Corpse flower
  • Voodoo lily
  • Night blooming cereus
  • Bird of paradise
  • Black bamboo
  • Black bat flower
  • Baseball bat sansevieria
  • Elephant’s foot
  • Lady slipper orchids
  • White rabbits foot fern