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Mission Statement


The Department of Communication and Mass Media’s mission is to provide excellence in teaching, research, creative endeavor and service through the disciplines of communication and mass media. The department seeks to: maintain a supportive, concerned relationship with its students; provide outreach to the campus community, region and, when feasible, beyond; provide for the educational needs of department majors and minors and the general university student; review its programs, activities and curricula on a regular basis in order to meet the changing needs of students; serve as a resource to professionals and organizations in the region; attract and retain quality students; establish and maintain a visible presence at professional meetings, conferences and competitions, and fill leadership roles in professional organizations; make the community and region aware of its programs, activities and curricula; and continually define what constitutes excellence for its individual faculty positions, striving to improve to that level.


The Department of Communication and Mass Media is devoted to excellence in teaching, student mentoring and creative endeavor. Through our commitment to student recruitment, student retention and student mentoring, the department recruits, educates and graduates students prepared to advance in professional careers or graduate education. In addition, our faculty provide quality scholarly/creative activity and a commitment to service to professional associations, the university and the community through activities which enhance the department’s contribution to human communication, mass media, the performing arts and culture.

Core Values