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Ram Radio DJs

Portrait of Zack Carlock

Station Director

After a 13-year military career and working in the retail sector, Zackery decided to go into education. His educational background includes an Associates of Applied Science in Logistics Management from The Community College of the Air Force, a Bachelor’s of Science in Communication Studies (with emphasis in Interpersonal Communication), and Master of Arts in Communication (with emphasis in Education) from Grand Canyon University. He is currently pursuing a Doctorate of Education from Grand Canyon University.

During his time in education, he coached Speech and Debate at Snyder High School, in Snyder, Texas. His students achieved many accolades, including 24 State Qualifiers, 3 State Finalists, 18 National Qualifiers and an 18th place National finish in 2021, at the National Speech and Debate National Tournament, held in Louisville, Kentucky.

After five years at SHS, Zackery felt it was time for a change and decided to pursue a career in Higher Education. In the Fall of 2023, he and his family moved to San Angelo to accept a position as an Instructor of Communication and the new Director of Ram Radio. He teaches Public Speaking, Oral Interpretation, and Argument and Debate courses for ASU, in addition to his Ram Radio duties. Zackery can be heard hopping into shows at various random times as well as his own show, The Faculty Spotlight, at 2:30 – 3:30 p.m. every Wednesday afternoon.

Sean Kim

DJ & Station Manager

Sean is a radio host with a deep passion for pop culture, traveling, and a profound love for rock music. She has a background as a project manager for a rock band, where she orchestrated live performances for three years. Additionally, She has been in a music review show at Ram Radio.

Currently, she is pursuing her master’s degree in business data science and analytics at ASU with the ultimate goal of breaking into the entertainment industry.

Cameron (McLovin)
DJ & Sports Manager 

Cameron is from Forsan, TX, and has a passion for sports and talking on air about them. He became a Ram Radio employee when a professor offered him the job, and he has loved it ever since. He likes the free reign he has creatively and has given him a good background for a future in sports broadcasting. 

Bryan Mohler

DJ & Sports Analyst

Bryan is a Radio DJ from the Austin area with a deep passion for learning and exploring new ideas. This is translated into a love of conversation and communication in general. He appears almost every weekday on Ram Radio as part of an established talk show or as part of the live DJing we do every day. He is a sophomore and is currently a history major. 

Tripp Sisemore

DJ & Sports Analyst

Hello, my name is Tripp. I like music and I like being on air. I like learning new things and interviewing people. I have a show where I talk about the NBA, I DJ on air which is probably my favorite show to do. As well as many other cool shows. I’m lucky to be a part of Ram Radio and hope whoever is reading this has a good day.

Jane Ha

DJ & Social Media Manager

Jane is a radio host and a YouTube creator who wears multiple hats in the entertainment industry. Her passion is for sharing insights into international students/studies, and life vlogs that can encourage a supportive environment and give a deeper understanding of cultural exchange for the international students. Also, her goal is to connect with audiences from all walks of life and become a positive inspiration for the community.

Natalie Reid

DJ & Content Producer

Natalie is a radio host with an interest in pop culture events and music. She always wants to be in the know. She loves interviewing people and learning about all sorts of things. This is her first year with Ram Radio. She is currently an undergrad student at Angelo State University pursuing a degree in Mass Media with a minor in graphic design.

Shad Hodge


Shad is a radio host with an interest in a wide variety of genres, both in music and literature. Shad has been interested in radio shows for a long time, and he has always wanted to have the opportunity to be on the radio. Now that he is a member of Ram Radio, he looks forward to live DJing, podcasts, and more as he works not only on but also behind the scenes. Shad always puts everything into everything he does, and he looks forward to his continued work here at Ram Radio. He is currently an undergraduate student at Angelo State University pursuing a degree in Accounting, and he plans on graduating with a Master’s degree in the subject.

Percy Mombeyarara

Volunteer DJ

Percy is a dynamic student at Angelo State University, passionately pursuing a major in Civil Engineering. Beyond his studious dedication to engineering, Percy also showcases a different side of his talents as a radio host for Ram Radio.

Demonstrating an astute understanding of the larger world, he particularly enjoys engaging audiences in thoughtful conversation on current and political affairs. His comprehensive discussions not only showcase his sharp intellect but also promise a promising future as an eloquent communicator. Balanced between academic pursuits and nurturing his knack for topical discussion, Percy represents the versatile spirit of the modern youth.

Portrait of Aurora Savedra

DJ & Social Media Intern

Hello! My name is Aurora Savedra and I’m a transfer student from Western Texas College in Snyder TX.

I enjoy listening to music and am an avid TV binger. I love pop culture and educating others on it!

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