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Ram Radio DJs

DJ D. Money (D. Hollie)

DJ Dmoney (D.Hollie) has been dee jaying since the age of 15. He started out doing backyard parties, and then he quickly moved up to doing high school step shows (Bowie step show) and teen clubs, such as The Arlington Skatium, Teenworld, and other teen events across the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. As DJ Dmoney got older, so did his crowd. He’s now 22 years old and currently a student at Angelo State University, and now you can catch him dee jaying at college events and other clubs all around Texas.

He also picked up the ability to produce his own beats. He’s produced for artists such as, T-Wayne, DJ Chose, G5 The Jett, Lil Ronny MothaF, Duney Kush, and more. His Crack For The Ears mixtape series has been circulating throughout the internet and the hip hop streets for about four years, and it has a total of 10,000+ downloads. DJ Dmoney’s quest has only begun, and he plans to take his career to the next level within these next couple of years. Join him on his journey to success.

Drew the Media

Drew is a host, videographer, and writer from Arlington, Texas. Serving as one of the campus’s djs Drew hopes to continue her work in radio after graduating from ASU.

John Vinklarek

A native of West Texas, John Vinklarek joined the ASU faculty in 1977. Along with the challenges of teaching a wide variety of courses, Vinklarek has continued his professional growth as a practicing artist. Vinklarek has exhibited in over 120 national juried exhibitions and has been awarded many prizes such as: First prize at the Del Mar National Drawing and Small Sculpture show, Corpus Christi Texas, First prize at the Rio Brazos National, Grandbury, Texas

Our condition, as described by the “Official Orchestra of the College of Pataphysics” in 1968, is indeed unsustainable. The answer lies in the Ruductio ad absurdum. The Square root of 2 is irrational.

We deconstruct daily. I don’t like your heads, your feet, or your trunk. Romantic Destruction is on display in the negative dialectic. Where is the fascination in Dante? The quest for certainty is a plunge into the abyss. The turmoil is the proof. Contradiction is reasonable. I have been doing the Ram Radio show since 2001. It is the longest running Program on the line up. The program is called Pataphysics.

Rachel Long

Since early 2013, Rachel Long aka DJ Radical Rachel has been DJing here at Angelo State. She has been a evening Dj for most of that time and enjoys playing music for people to get excited about, relax, or reminisce. She is a senior in college and plans on relocating to Austin to pursue a career in radio.

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