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Ram TV students research and produce weekly programs that highlight world news, university events, departments, professors and students. This material is broadcast on the university’s educational access channel as well as San Angelo’s local FOX affiliate KIDY. Locally you can watch on Suddenlink cable channel 6.

  • “I started working at Ram TV because I wanted to extend my resume and also get experience. I want to become a videographer and work on music videos.”

    Trinity Patterson, Ram TV Producer/Interviewer

    Student being filmed while interviewing another student.
  • “I chose Ram TV because I like editing, and I wanted to learn more outside of class. I also wanted the opportunity to produce different content and increase my experience for my resume.”

    Gloria Bautista, Ram TV Producer / News Anchor

    Student operating video editing equipment
  • “Sports Broadcasting at ASU is fantastic! Not only do I get to experience broadcasting college athletics and learning new programs and skills, but I also am able to forge relationships with my peers.”

    Zach Turner, Ram TV Sports Cameraperson

    Student operating a video camera at a sporting event.
Blurry photo of a long sidewalk.

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Our Programs

In addition to our current programming, we provide a new and improved text roll in High Definition widescreen, equipped with the ASU Fight Song and images of ASU activities. The text roll provides up-to-date news, information and department contacts to students, faculty and staff.

For access to our student-run website, visit RamTV.

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As part of our effort to expand our students’ knowledge of video production beyond the classroom, Ram TV offers live streaming and video production services for on-campus events such as lectures, concerts, press conferences, and more!

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