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Programming you can expect to see on RamTV:

Tune in to channel 6 Suddenlink to watch. Rebroadcast every Saturday morning on KIDY FOX San Angelo.

RAM TV Programming Schedule
  Monday to Friday Saturday to Sunday
Noon Inside ASU Best of Inside ASU
12:30 p.m. Insided ASU (last week) Best of Inside ASU
1 p.m. What’s 4 U @ ASU - CMMT Dept. Video Best of What’s 4 U @ ASU
2 p.m. Student Projects (current) Best of Student Projects
2:45 p.m. World News
3 p.m. Arts and Humanities Best of Arts and Humanities
3:30 p.m. Culture-Media-Technology (drop if over-scheduled) Best of Culture-Media-Technology
4 p.m. Sports Sports
4:30 p.m. Student Projects/Specials Best of Entertainment/Specials
5 p.m. Inside ASU Let’s Eat!
5:30 p.m. Inside ASU (last week) Health Programs
6 p.m. What’s 4 U @ ASU/Symposiums/Writers Conference Inside ASU
6:45 p.m. World News NASA-TV
7 p.m. Culture-Media-Technology
7:30 p.m. Arts and Humanities (drop if over-scheduled)
8 p.m. Sports
8:30 p.m. Student Projects/Specials
10 p.m. NASA-TV