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Code Camp

Summer Code Camp 2020 took place online from July 20-31. More than 100 students registered to the Camp, and 98 students registered and started the online course.

Online course included 18 topics, 40 lectures, 35 challenges, and 9 projects. About 70% of the participants completed all basic concepts, 35% completed all advanced topics. 70% of the participants received Code Camp 2020 Completion Certificates and the rest of the students received Participation Certificates via email. Top learners spent more than 40 hours of work in 10 days.

During the camp, daily tutoring sessions were conducted online in the morning from 10am-12am and in the afternoons from 3-5pm. Each session had 4 working groups for the different age groups. Each group was tutored by one CS student tutor and at least one faculty member. Code Camp Director Dr. Dogdu, and faculty members Dr. Roychoudhuri, Dr. LeGrand, and Mr. Wilde, and student tutors Thanh Long Le, Emily Maxey, Minh Huynh, and Thi Kieu Vi Nguyen participated in the Camp.

At the end of the Camp, students’ projects were evaluated by all tutors and faculty members. Top 3 projects in age groups from 11 to 17 were selected and projects were presented in an online Camp Closing Ceremony. A total of 20 students received t-shirts and other small prizes by mail.