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Code Camp

This is a free, hands-on, virtual and interactive two-week program for junior high and high school students interested in learning computer programming.

Since 2015, ASU’s Department of Computer Science has offered an annual Summer Code Camp to over 100 students.

This year, Code Camp will be offered online using Khan Academy. The team will include ASU faculty, student tutors and TCP professionals. Together, we will offer more collaborative and interactive sessions, as well as more fun opportunities with hands-on projects.

Student at summer camp

July 5-16

Daily sessions:

  • Monday-Friday
  • 10-12 p.m., 1-3 p.m., 3-5 p.m.

About the Camp

With the help of our instructors and student tutors from Angelo State University’s Computer Science Department and professional staff from TCP, students will take part in course projects using online video conference sessions.

During camp, your student will:

All course materials are provided online. Student’s will need:

Each participating student will receive a Certificate of Participation.


Both of the following forms must be completed by a parent or legal guardian before the July 1 registration deadline to ensure there is enough time for students to get set up with Khan Academy.

Registration Form  Code Camp Release Form

Prior to July 5, additional information and instructions to register for the Khan Academy platform will be provided to those who have completed the above forms.