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EDSC Graduate Courses

6300 Capstone in School Counseling (3-0). The capstone course is designed to prepare candidates for their professional life after graduation by providing opportunities to demonstrate mastery on all competencies associated with the School Counseling program. Must be completed with a grade of “B” or better.

6301 Comprehensive School Counseling Programs (3-0). This course focuses on the roles and responsibilities of a comprehensive school counseling program that emphasizes college and career readiness; postsecondary options; guidance curriculum; and processes and procedures for planning, designing, implementing, and evaluating school counseling programs.

6302 School Counseling Techniques (3-0). An overview of counseling and consultation theories and practices; an understanding of systems; preventive and intervening strategies; individual and group dynamics, theories, and techniques.

6303 Human Growth and Development (3-0). This course places emphasis on the study of the characteristics of human growth at each stage of development, throughout the lifespan, with emphasis on childhood and adolescence. Special attention will be placed on counseling in various settings, including schools, with a focus on environmental, social, and cultural factors that affect learners’ development. (Credit may not be earned for this course and Education - Graduate 6303.)