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EDEA Graduate Courses

6301 Reframing Administration (3-0). This course examines administration in the 21st century evaluating administrative trends, future directions, and skills required for effective administration.

6302 Leadership Theories (3-0). This course explores leadership theories and their roles for effective leadership.

6305 Leadership and Management of Virtual Environments (3-0). This course evaluates leadership in the 21st century exploring the skills necessary for leading and managing afar and in virtual environments.

6306 Management of Distance Education Programs (3-0). This course introduces foundational topics associated with management of and leadership in distance education.

6307 Planning Professional Development for Distance Education (3-0). This course is designed to develop knowledge and skills for administrators implementing professional development in distance education.

6308 Assessment for Administrators (3-0). This course examines the philosophy and practice of administrative roles in assessment and accountability.