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Engineering Fundamentals

Engineering is the application of math and physics in order to solve real-world problems. Students with an interest in earning a BSCE or BSME degree must meet ASU’s admission standards as outlined in the University Catalog.

Our degree plans begin with Calculus I. Students must meet the following prerequisites to enroll in Calculus I

Incoming freshman enrolled in MATH 1316 Trigonometry or MATH 2312 Precalculus (or higher) begin the program as Engineering Fundamentals students and must satisfy all of the Engineering Fundamentals requirements. Students remain Engineering Fundamentals majors until they successfully complete the Engineering Advancement Exam, maintain an overall GPA of 2.50, and complete the following courses:

Civil Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Courses noted with an asterisk must be completed with a grade of C or better. Schedule an appointment with the Engineering Academic Advisor to confirm your eligibility to sit for the next scheduled Engineering Advancement Exam.

After satisfying all the criteria listed above, students become Civil or Mechanical Engineering majors and must complete all remaining requirements to earn a BSCE or a BSME degree as outlined in the University Catalog.