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English and Modern Languages Assessment

English B.A. Portfolio Requirements

During their final semester, graduating English majors must submit a portfolio of recent work as a requirement of graduation. The Department examines graduating students’ portfolios as part of the ongoing review of its program and courses. The portfolio should represent the collective best pieces a student has written during their academic career at ASU. A student’s candidacy for graduation is not contingent upon the quality of the portfolio items, and these will not be graded and returned to students.

Graduation Requirements for Spanish Majors

Candidates for the Bachelor of Arts in Spanish (with or without teacher certification) are required to complete all sections of the departmental field test, written and oral, in order to be eligible for graduation. Students may take this examination during the semester immediately prior to graduation, or after having completed all foreign language requirements for a major. The oral exam will be a proficiency exam that does not test knowledge of facts, but rather the ability to communicate in the target language. The written examination will consist of a multiple choice test on language, literature and culture, and composition in the target language. Contact Mrs. Maria de los Santos Onofre-Madrid for further information on the schedule of this field test.