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English Graduate Program

Our English master’s degree program allows our graduates to reach a higher level of accomplishment, both intellectually and professionally. We take great pride in preparing students for the work force or giving them the necessary background to continue their studies at the Ph.D. level. Students will have the chance to study with published scholars in various specializations, and we encourage our graduate students to begin thinking like professionals.

Graduate faculty research interests vary from the traditional (e.g., Chaucer, Shakespeare) to the contemporary (e.g., women’s studies, magic realism). Our students have a history of presenting scholarly papers at conferences, and our faculty’s experience helps students prepare for those presentations.

Master of Arts Degree

The Master of Arts in English program is designed to enhance skills in literature, language, research and critical thinking. It is offered for students who want to teach, pursue an advanced degree or continue their English studies.

Candidates for the degree must complete 36 semester credit hours of work beyond the bachelor’s degree, including at least 30 in English. Up to six semester credit hours may be in approved supporting electives, and up to three may be in approved 5000-level courses. English 6391 is required.

A written examination over a prescribed reading list is required of all students who have completed 24 semester credit hours of course work. Offered once on a specified date each long semester, the five-hour examination consists of three essay questions. Satisfactory responses to all three questions are required for graduation.

Financial Assistance

Academic scholarships covering tuition and fees are available to qualified graduate students. Graduate assistantships and teaching assistantships, which can be combined with scholarships, provide both financial assistance and practical teaching experience to qualified students.


Graduate students majoring in English rely heavily on the university library for study and research. Good collections in all areas of literature, especially American and British, provide important source materials for research. Primary sources are complemented by significant journal holdings. Graduate faculty research interests range from studies in popular American culture to 17th-century British prose.

The department operates a Writing Center that provides graduate students with laboratory experience teaching writing and reading skills to undergraduate students. The center is equipped with computers that run a wide variety of software to assist instructors who are mostly working one-on-one with developmental students.

Contact Us

For more information about the English and Modern Language Department’s graduate program, contact:

Dr. Allison Dushane, Graduate Advisor
Office: A 019B
Phone: 325-486-6152

Course descriptions

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Graduate and
Teaching Assistantships

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Graduate Written Exam

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