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Graduate Written Exam

Once you have completed 24 semester credit hours of course work, you will need to complete a written examination over a prescribed reading list in order to qualify for graduation. We give the exam once during each long semester. The exam lasts for five hours and consists of three essay questions. Satisfactory responses to all three questions are required for graduation.

To help you prepare for the exam, we have provided reading lists from previous semesters as well as some sample questions from past exams.

Sample Reading Lists
Fall Semesters Spring Semesters

Fall 2012

Spring 2011

Fall 2011 Spring 2008 

Fall 2008

Spring 2007 
Fall 2007  Spring 2006
Fall 2006   

The reading list changes from semester to semester.  We always post the reading list for the current semester’s exam on the bulletin board outside of the English and Modern Languages department office well in advance of the exam date.  Feel free to contact the Graduate Advisor,, with any questions you have about the exam or its reading lists.