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Film Studies Minor

Audience in the cinema. Silhouette.

The film industry in the U.S. is a multibillion dollar business. We are increasingly a visual culture, but not necessarily a visually literate culture. The purpose of a film studies minor at ASU is to build essential literacy skills, such as interpretive, visual, verbal, critical, audio-visual and narrative, to survive in today’s competitive marketplace. 

Students will learn:

This minor in film studies emphasizes how film is both a record of social culture and a force for cultural change.

Requirements for Minor

ASU’s film studies minor requires 18 interdisciplinary hours that include both Communication/Mass Media 1337 and English 4355. These courses will expose students to the basic technological, theoretical and artistic terminology and knowledge necessary to successfully interpret this art form.

Students will take an additional 12 hours from the following selected courses*:

Occasionally, university studies and special topics courses will be offered in various departments which are appropriate for this minor. Students must receive permission to count such special topics courses in their film minor from the dean of the College of Arts and Humanities.

*Courses taken to fulfill requirements for this minor may not also be counted toward your major.