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Competition Details

This competition is intended to encourage the study of foreign languages among 7th -12th-graders. In addition to the competition, we will have entertaining and educational experiences for students to enjoy between events, including presentations organized by ASU’s foreign language clubs.


Each participating school may register up to 20 students from grades 7-12, with a maximum of 10 students per language.

In contrast to years past, we will not send printed invitations, and all registration will occur online.

Areas of Competition

Each registered student must participate in the following competitive events:

Additionally, for each language in which a school competes, each school will submit the following for judging:

For example, if your school has students competing in German and Spanish, your school will submit one short film and one poster in German, and one short film and one poster in Spanish.


The entry fee for each student is $20 and includes a lunch. For an additional $8 fee, teachers can also receive lunch vouchers.


All events will take place on the in the Academic Building and Houston Harte University Center at Angelo State University.


A check-in station will be set up in ASU’s Houston Harte University Center on the morning of competition.

At check-in, teachers will be given the following:

No changes are allowed once the registration is submitted with the only exception of changes during our check-in, where deletions and exact substitutions (same language, level and event) can occur.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide refunds for no-shows or for any other reason.

Identification and Disciplinary Action

Teachers and students should wear the issued name tags visibly at all times while on campus. Students may not keep them in their pockets. Students should also bring a photo ID with them.

Teachers are responsible for their students’ behavior. Disciplinary action may include, but is not limited to, loss of individual awards and disqualification from sweepstakes.


University dining facilities are available for participants’ use on campus.  Lunch vouchers provided to each student and teacher will be valid for dining facilities located at the University Center.

Competition Photos

Photos will be taken by an ASU photographer that could be cablecast and posted on our competition website.