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Competition Details

This competition is intended to encourage the study of foreign languages among 7th -12th-graders.


Each participating school may register up to 20 students from grades 7-12, with a maximum of 10 students per language. Each team must have a minimum of 3 members (remember that a team is organized by language—not school—so a minimum of 3 for French, 3 for German and 3 for Spanish).

Areas of Competition

Each registered student must participate in the following competitive events:

Additionally, for each language in which a school competes, each school will submit the following for judging:

For example, if your school has students competing in German and Spanish, your school will submit one short film and one poster in German, and one short film and one poster in Spanish.

More details about each event are found under the Judging Criteria tab.


The entry fee for each student is $10.

Competition Photos

We would like to feature participating students on our website. Please email up to 5 team photos at your convenience.

Competition Results

Final results will be posted around February 1. Winning teams will be invited to the annual Modern Languages Honors Reception to accept their trophies and learn more about our programs. Details about the reception will be given at the time winners are announced.