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Courses in German (GER)

1301 German I (3-0). Introduction to basic structures and usage of modern German. The emphasis is on development of basic German vocabulary and grammar, accuracy of pronunciation, the acquisition of listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, and the introduction of cultural elements.

1302 German II (3-0). A sequel to German 1301.
Prerequisite: German 1301 or equivalent.

2311/GERM 2311 German III (3-0). An expansion of the language skills acquired in German 1301 and 1302. Strengthening of basic structures and introduction of more complex structures. The course will increase accuracy in listening, speaking, reading and writing German, and promote knowledge of cultural background.
Prerequisite: German 1302 or equivalent.

2312/GERM 2312 German IV (3-0). Fourth semester capstone organized around grammatical topics and cultural issues. Review and expansion of structural aspects, reading and discussion of selected German texts, and continued practice in composition and conversation.
Prerequisite: German 2311 or equivalent.

3338 Comparative Cultural Studies: Germany and Russia in the 20th Century (3-0). A comparative cultural study of Germany and Russia in the long 20th century, from Imperial Germany and Russia to the fall of the Berlin Wall and the advent of Perestroika. (Credit may not be earned for this course and Russian 3338.) German minors should take German 3338 and German 339 simultaneously.

3339 French, German and Russian Film in 1920’s (3-0). An overview of the different film genres that emerged in France, Germany and Russia during the 1920’s with particular emphasis on Russian documentary, German expressionist, and French impressionist and surrealist film. (Credit may not be earned for this course and French 3339 or Russian 3339.) German minors should take German 3338 and German 339 simultaneously.

4071 Internship in German: Credit 1 to 6. An internship experience with advanced assignments in German. (German 4071 may be repeated with a limit of 6 hours total.)
Prerequisite: 60 hours - including current semester credit hours, a 2.50 or higher cumulative GPA at the time of application, and department permission.

4381 Special Topics (3-0). Selected topics in German. May be repeated once for credit when topic varies.
Prerequisite: German 2312 or equivalent, or consent of department chair.

4391 Research. A specialized course which may be directed reading or research for superior students in German. (May be repeated once for credit.)