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English and Modern Languages Undergraduate Degree Programs

Many students enroll in modern language courses simply to fulfill their foreign language requirement, but have such a good experience with us that they end up majoring in Spanish or exploring in-depth another language of their choice. We are confident that you will learn early-on just how stimulating and eye-opening it can be to learn a foreign language.

Our program offers small classes to provide proficiency-oriented instruction aimed at developing your reading, writing, speaking and listening skills within a cultural context. You will develop critical thinking skills and an ability to understand other people and their points of view. Your language skills may also be practical during travel or commerce situations that may arise when you start a career.

Our programs offers the following degree plans:

Bachelor of Arts in Spanish

Bachelor of Arts in Spanish with Teacher Certification

Other Areas of Study

Courses are also available in these subjects (not available as majors):

Program Learning Outcomes

Program learning outcomes describe the skills, abilities, knowledge or attitudes that a student should demonstrate upon completion of a program of study.

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Future Course Offerings

See which semesters offer important modern languages courses: