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Resources for English and Modern Language Students

Use the links below to learn about how the Department of English and Modern Languages provides programs and supports students.

Student Organizations

The department has several active student groups for those studying English and/or modern languages. Find one that fits your specific interests, or join a group with a broader focus.


Writing Center

The English program runs this center, which functions as a writing help lab for students of any discipline on campus.

English Major Career Information

Learn about how a degree in English will benefit you. You can also use links to websites with career resources.

English Portfolios

Use these assessment resources to put together your English portfolio before graduation.

English Alumni Spotlight

Read about some of the careers and accomplishments of former ASU English majors.

Modern Languages

Modern Language Scholarships

Read about the scholarships available to students studying a foreign language.

Study Abroad

Although it is not a requirement, many students from the modern languages program choose to study abroad to enrich their language learning. Some of our professors also lead summer study abroad programs.