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Geography Courses (GEOG)

1101 Physical Geography Lab (0-2). The laboratory is designed to reinforce understanding of topics discussed in lectures. To be taken with Geography 1301.

1301/GEOG 1301 Physical Geography (3-0). A geography of the earth with a survey of its atmosphere, oceans, landforms, and environmental regions.

2305 Fundamentals of Geography (3-0). Designed to meet the needs of those planning to teach geography in all grades. The course introduces physical, human, and world geography, as well as basic geographical terms and concepts.

3302 Human Geography (3-0). A study of human interaction with the earth’s natural environments considering the earth as the setting for human physical and cultural evolution.

3303 World Regional Geography (3-0). A survey of major world regions focusing on their distinctive physical and cultural characteristics and the role of each region in the world.

3304 Regional Geography of North America (3-0). A survey, within a regional framework, of the physical and human geography of the United States and Canada.

4381 Special Topics (3-0). A course dealing with selected topics in geography. (May be repeated once for credit when topic varies.)

4391 Research. A specialized course of directed reading or research for superior students majoring in history and/or requiring advanced geography credits for the completion of a multiple area minor. Must have departmental approval to register.