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History Internship Program

Internship Courses

Interns will receive three semester credit hours in advanced history. These hours must be applied as elective credit beyond the 30 semester credit hours required of history majors.


The history faculty director of ASU’s Public History Program (Dr. Jason Pierce) will work with an additional faculty representative and Suzanne Campbell of ASU’s West Texas Collection to screen students interested in pursuing internships for history credit. This committee will ascertain the academic preparation and ability of student applicants to perform assigned tasks with the host institution. It is the intent of the internship program to provide history students with practical training for different possible careers while contributing to ASU’s community outreach endeavors and to the economic development of the region.

Institutional Partners

Institutional internship partners to date include:

Requirements for Acceptance as an Intern

Students desiring to pursue history-related internships must meet these requirements:


Once placed with a host institution, the intern will be expected to work 100 hours over the course of the semester. Interns will keep a journal detailing the tasks performed and skills acquired. This journal will be made available to the host institution and to the Internship Committee.

Committee Membership

Professor/Department Chair

Useful links

Professional Organizations

Online Historical Journals

Online Discussion Groups, Book Reviews