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Since you have to take History 1301 and 1302, you already have two of the six history courses needed to complete a minor. If you are a business, media, politics or modern languages major, or you are earning your commission through the Air Force ROTC, the history program has courses that will add depth and perspective to your education.

If you are pursuing a career in marketing, think how much you would benefit from taking History 4340 Globalization since 1945, History 4314 Historical Preservation, Research and Writing, History 3308 U.S. Urban History, or History 3372 China and U.S. since 1800.

If your future career requires knowledge of the economics and politics of a foreign culture as well as the basis of U.S. foreign policy, then consider History 3371 Asia in the Age of Imperialism, 1800-1945, or History 4323 History of US Foreign Relations.

These are just a few of the history program’s courses in cultural, diplomatic, economic, legal, political and social history. We invite you to look at our history careers web page and at our undergraduate history course descriptions.

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