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Academic Advising

Freshmen and Sophomores

Your academic advisor will send an email to you through the Navigate advising software. You will then be able to follow the link provided to choose an appointment time of your choice.

Juniors and Seniors

Please contact the Department for your Faculty Advisor’s Contact information: 325-942-2173

Group Advising Sessions during Advise-a-RAMa

  1. Sign up for an appointment. Signup sheets are available outside the Kinesiology office (Ben Kelly CHP, Room 201).
  2. Review the schedule of classes and your degree evaluation. These are available in RamPort
  3. Create a tentative schedule by completing a Department of Kinesiology, Archer College of Health and Human Services advising form.
  4. Print two copies of the advising form and bring both to your advising appointment.  You may be asked to reschedule your appointment if you have not completed the above instructions.

Graduating Seniors

Students planning on graduating in the next semester need to make an advising appointment with Dr. Snowden. Contact the Kinesiology Department at 325-942-2173 to make an appointment.

Advising Help