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Courses In Management Science (MSC)

Undergraduate Courses In Management (MGMT)

2331 Applied Business Statistics (3-0). Introduction to statistical analysis including such topics as: descriptive statistics, probability distributions, sampling, statistical inference, and correlation and regression analysis.
Prerequisites: Business Computer Information Systems 1305 and Mathematics 1324.

3332 Data Analytics (3-0). An introduction and overview of information resources commonly used in business including secondary and syndicated data resources. The focus of the course is enabling students to identify, locate, analyze, and report on business data sources both qualitatively and quantitatively.
Prerequisite: Management 2331.

4319 Forecasting and Planning (3-0). The course serves as a general course in forecasting methods. Techniques covered include smoothing, decomposition, regression, judgmental techniques, and new product forecasting. Comparison and selection of the appropriate techniques is addressed. Emphasis is placed on the interface between forecasting and the managerial functions of implementation and control. A combination of
lectures, analytical exercises, problems, and computer exercises are used. Implementation of a forecast system in a small business is also utilized.
Prerequisite: Management 2331 or consent of instructor.

Graduate Courses In Management (MGMT)

6319 Forecasting Theory (3-0). The study of forecasting methods including exponential smoothing, decomposition, regression, and judgmental techniques. The use of forecasts in managerial planning and decision making.
Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.