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Math News and Events

Mathematical Association of America (MAA) Club Meetings

The departmental chapter of the MAA meets regularly for lunch to hear talks or participate in other mathematically related activities. Anyone interested in mathematics is invited to attend the meetings. Contact one of the faculty advisors for more information, or simply show up to any meeting.

Pi Mu Epsilon Mathematics Honor Society

Angelo State University has a chapter of the Pi Mu Epsilon Mathematics Honor Society. Pi Mu Epsilon is dedicated to the promotion of mathematics and recognition of students who successfully pursue mathematical understanding. For more information about requirements visit the Pi Mu Epsilon web page.

Mathematics Seminar

Mathematics has been around for millennia, and many branches of mathematics have developed over those thousands of years. As such, there are many fascinating mathematical topics, new and old, that never make it into the mathematics classroom. The Mathematics Seminar features short talks on such topics presented by ASU mathematics faculty and students. Look for the fliers posted around the Mathematics-Computer Science building for the time and place of the next seminar talk or visit the seminar web page for information on the next talk.

Mobius Strip Competition

August Ferdinand Möbius (Nov 17, 1790 - Sept 26, 1868) is best known for his work in a branch of mathematics called topology, and for the two dimensional strip that bears his name.

Each fall, the mathematics program hosts a competition in honor of Mobius (and for fun!).

Learn More about Mobius