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Undergraduate Nursing Information

Required Forms for Undergraduate Nursing Students

Student Forms
Forms Due Dates/Additional Information
Criminal Background Check & Drug Screening Conducted by an agency selected by the Nursing Department.
Immunization Form Complete this form before beginning classes. Must be filled out by a physician or health care facility official.
Degree Plan Application Complete this immediately after acceptance into nursing program.
COVID-19 Acknowledgment and Consent Complete this form every semester.
Department of Nursing Scholarship Application You must also complete the Department of Nursing Scholarship Application which can be accessed in RamPort > Financial Aid & Billing > Apply for ASU Scholarships. This form need to be completed and submitted for you to be considered for financial aid.
Advising Plans
Plan Description
Generic B.S.N Advising Plan This advising plan for G.B.S.N students lists all required courses.

Department of Nursing Undergraduate Student Handbook
This book contains the Department of Nursing’s policies and procedures as well as information to help new students familiarize themselves with nursing at Angelo State University.

Student Advising

This page provides more information about advising requirements for nursing students.

Distance Education

Clinical Experiences