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Nursing Admission Assessment Information

IMPORTANT: You must first create a user ID at After you have created your account, you will need to schedule and pay for the exam through ATI Testing. Individuals taking this test can only register for one location and one testing time. Once this purchase has been made, NO REFUNDS are available.

Scheduling a Testing Date

Please visit ATI TEAS for Students to learn more about the exam, select and make payment on the date you wish to schedule.

The Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) assessment is designed to measure basic essential skills in the academic content areas of reading, mathematics, science, and English and language usage. These entry-level skills were deemed important for nursing program applicants by a panel of nursing program curriculum experts. The TEAS is a 170-item, four-option, multiple-choice assessment. You MUST take Version 5.0 or higher. Earlier versions will not be accepted.

Information About the Exam

To be admitted to the testing center: Present a valid photo ID as well as your ATI username and password.

ATI provides the following webpage: Pre-Nursing School FAQS

Preparing For the Exam

Applicants can purchase study material and practice exams through ATI either with or before paying for the exam.

This is NOT a pass/fail exam.  Scores will be compared between all applicants after the deadline in which you apply in order to help determine ranking for acceptance purposes.  We will be unable to tell you how you did on the exam in comparison to others until after acceptance letters have gone out.