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Research conducted for the mobility assessment takes place primarily in regional health care facilities such as inpatient acute, skilled nursing, inpatient rehabilitation, long term care, memory care, assisted living, and senior living facilities. Future plans include increasing participation in the home health setting. The focus of these projects encompasses the use of clinical outcome tools that may help identify the safest transition for patients from the hospital to home or other living facilities. Another area of study involves the investigation of human movement biomechanics. In particular, the research team is interested in understanding the contribution of faulty movement biomechanics to various lower extremity pathologies.

Research collaborations for these projects occur with the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston (Dr. Mansoo Ko, PhD), the University of Connecticut (Dr. Richard Bohannon, DPT, EdD with over 500 publications and 30 years of clinical experience), and local health care and senior living facilities. Therapists, nurses, and administrators of local medical facilities collaborate with this lab for data collection in the clinical/patient care environment. 

Location: Acute Care, Skilled Nursing, and Inpatient Rehabilitation Clinical Sites

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