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Motor Control and Balance Assessment

The motor control laboratory houses equipment capable of capturing local body movements (e.g., reaching) in 3-D with real-time tracking and visualization.

Individual standing on Biodex machine

In addition, this laboratory is also equipped with the Biodex Balance System, which is capable of testing fall risks in older adults and single-leg balance in healthy/athletic populations.

Ascension trakSTAR magnetic motion analysis system

The electromagnetic motion analysis system is comprised of a mid-range wired transmitter and 8 wired sensors (Model 800: 8 mm wide). The system provides both position and rotation measurements with a total of 6 degrees of freedom. The system incorporates the pulsed DC magnetic technology which is 5 times less susceptible to distortion caused by nearby metal than AC technology. For upper extremity kinematics (as the main focus of the laboratory), one can examine shoulder proprioception, scapula kinematics, and end-point reaching accuracy for subjects with various pathologies (e.g., anterior shoulder instability).

The Motor Control Lab is located in the Ben Kelly Center for Human Performance, room 140.