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Continuing Education Presentations

Continuing Education, PT Lunch & Learn, and other presentation links from ASU PT faculty members and other outside sources.

Presentation Links

Lunch & Learn Presentation November 5, 2013 - Dr. Jimmy Villers, Physical Therapy

Lunch and Learn presentation February 18, 2014 - Dr. Heather Braden, Physical Therapy

Lunch & Learn Presentation September 16, 2014 - Dr. Shelly Weise, Physical Therapy

ASU Physical Therapy Department Continuing Education Course: A Clinician’s Guideline on Anatomy, Biomechanics,Examination, and Interventions of the Foot and Ankle. Hosted on October 4th and 5th, 2014 from 8:00 am-5:00 pm.

*Documents include brochure, objectives, JOSPT guidelines, and a letter to participants.

*Actual course materials not provided.

Lunch & Learn Presentation February 17, 2015 - Dr. Steven Brewer, Psychology

Lunch & Learn Presentation November 24, 2015 - Dr. Kelly Moore, Physical Therapy

Lunch & Learn Presentation February 23, 2016 - Dr. Kendra Nicks, Physical Therapy

Lunch and Learn Presentation April 12, 2016 - Dr. Teresa Huckaby, Physical Therapy

Lunch & Learn Presentation September 22, 2016 - Dr. Chris Lambaren, West Texas Rehabilitation Center

Lunch and Learn Presentation November 10, 2016 - Dr. Karen McSpadden, West Texas Rehabilitation Center

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