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Clinical Exercise Physiology, Prevention and Wellness

Research conducted in the clinical exercise physiology, prevention and wellness lab has included the following: wellness profiles in undergraduate students during the freshman “transition” year; activity profiles of physical therapy and other graduate students; wellness education for caregivers of elderly parents. The primary focus of this laboratory is to promote evidence-based research regarding the preventive benefits of physical activity in reducing the risk factors for cardiovascular disease.

Research collaborations for this lab have included several interdisciplinary applications with Dr. Molly Walker, RN, PhD, Dr. Nick Flynn, PhD, Biochemistry, West Texas A&M University, as well as Dr. Thomas Starkey, PhD, LCSW, Program Director and Associate Professor, and Mimi Baugh, RN. Future research emphasis will include collaborative studies with diabetes and exercise. Therapists, nurses, and administrators of local medical facilities are able to collaborate with this lab for data collection in the clinical/patient care environment.