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Our political science students learn the nuts and bolts of government while studying state and national issues. Our philosophy students study ethics and critical reasoning, and then apply them to current issues and topics. Here, you will gain the real-world knowledge and skills you need to succeed in your chosen career, or advance to graduate school.

Our department also advises our pre-law students.


  • Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Philosophy
  • In Person
A philosophy degree broadens your world view and teaches you the critical thinking skills and flexibility you need to succeed in any career field.
  • Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Political Science
  • In Person
A political science degree prepares you to work in public administration, international affairs and business. It’s also great for pre-law students.

More Options

  • <blockquote class="quote-block--simple"> <p> “The Department of Political Science and Philosophy has provided me with hands-on work opportunities, which have helped me gain real-world experience and develop into a stronger student, employee and critical thinker.</p> <p class="blockquote-author"><strong>Hanne Campbell</strong>, Political Science, Class of 2024</p> </blockquote>
  • <blockquote class="quote-block--simple"> <p> “Mr. Campos has made an impact on my life. Not only has he taught me so much about Texas and the Federal Government, but he kept me engaged in the class, taught me how to take better notes and made everything relatable.”</p> <p class="blockquote-author"><strong>Chasity Lopez</strong>, Class of 2024</p> </blockquote>

Around the Department

To be active participants in our society, we must be aware of what is going on and how it affects our lives. Your ASU political science degree is your ticket to exciting career options in everything from politics, business and the media to teaching, research and the law. Your ASU philosophy degree will give you the critical- and analytical-thinking skills to form a firm foundation for success in almost any career.

Take a look at some other aspects of our department that make ASU an outstanding place to study political science and philosophy.

Political Science Association booth

Student Organizations

Choose from four student organizations, or join them all. Our groups include the Student Government Association, Young Democrats, College Republicans and Philosophy Club. We also have chapters of the Pi Sigma Alpha national political science honor society and the Pi Gamma Mu social science honor society. 

Group of students listening to a tour guide in Portugal

Study Abroad

Broaden your world view of the governments, justice systems, societies and cultures of other countries through a variety of summer study abroad programs.

ASU senior Evelyn Burch spent the 2018 fall semester as an intern in Representative Mike Conaway&...

Off-Campus Opportunities

Internships are available with local, state and U.S. government officials, as well as other professionals in a wide variety of career fields. You can also visit the state legislature, compete in state contests, and attend campus, regional and national seminars and conferences.