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A minor enables you to explore the field beyond the introductory level, but in less depth than the major. A political science minor offers you the opportunity to complete an abbreviated yet coherent plan of study while deepening and expanding your knowledge of the discipline.

You will find a political science minor intellectually stimulating and worthwhile if you are majoring in other subjects or need a third area of study to fulfill requirements for the interdisciplinary studies degree and are interested in politics in the United States, along the border or throughout the world.

A political science minor can be part of a launching pad for successful careers in:

Once you have completed POLS 2305 and POLS 2306, the required core courses in political science, you will only need four other courses in political science to complete the minor.

Consider these options as a way to enhance your understanding within your chosen field of study:

If you are a motivated student seeking a more challenging academic experience, especially if you are considering graduate school, consult your advisor about the option of a minor in political science. You can develop a program of study tailored to your academic and career goals.