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Philosophy teaches you to consider alternate approaches and perspectives when contemplating life questions. Its reflective character helps you better understand yourself and the world around you. Unlike other academic disciplines, philosophy does not consist of gathering information, but rather in cultivating critical and analytical skills. Philosophy also fosters personal and intellectual growth.

Become a Philosophy Major

Angelo State offers these options for students interested in philosophy:

Why Study Philosophy?

Philosophy contributes to both academic and non-academic pursuits, and also helps you develop skills that are valued in the job market. Studying philosophy increases your intellectual flexibility by exposing you to worldviews different from your own. Philosophy teaches you:

Philosophy studies can help prepare you for almost any career and can be beneficial if you plan to pursue graduate studies. A study commissioned by the Educational Resources Information Center demonstrated that philosophy majors consistently outperformed other majors on standardized graduate admissions tests.

Career Opportunities

Philosophy majors may pursue careers in any of these areas:

Visit the American Philosophical Association to learn more about career opportunities and why studying philosophy is a good idea.

More information

For more information about ASU’s philosophy program, contact:

Dr. Susana Badiola
Professor of Philosophy
Office: RAS 219
Phone: 325-486-6105

Dr. John Glassford
Professor of Philosophy
Office: RAS 217
Phone: 325-486-6109

Philosophy Degree Plans

Angelo State offers these options for students interested in philosophy:

Course Descriptions

Read course descriptions about the philosophy classes you will take at Angelo State.

Course Descriptions 

Student Organization: Philosophy Club

The Philosophy Club is an undergraduate student organization that welcomes anyone interested in philosophy. In addition to its regular meetings, the Philosophy Club organizes trips to philosophy conferences, movie discussions and other activities. For more information, visit the .