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Political Science Graduate Courses (POLS)

6301 Seminar on the U.S. Constitution (3-0). A seminar that focuses on the foundation, development, and operation of the U.S. Constitution. With a special look at the purposes and principles embedded in the Constitution, this seminar will study how these have been understood and applied in American politics throughout the nation’s history and in the present day.

6307 The U.S. Congress, Graduate Seminar (3-0). This graduate-level seminar will introduce students to some of the most important research, both classic and current, on the U.S. Congress. In doing so, the course will familiarize students with a rich variety of theoretical approaches to the study of congressional politics.

6308 The American Presidency (3-0). This is a graduate seminar on presidential and executive politics. The seminar focuses on the advanced study of the professional, scholarly research literature, including design, execution, and evaluation of research on the American presidency.

6309 Seminar on the U.S. Supreme Court (3-0). A seminar that focuses on the study of the judicial function and the role of the Supreme Court in the government of the United States. The seminar will examine the foundation of the judicial system and its place in structure of the Constitution of 1787 before proceeding through a historical look at that system’s development and a multifaceted analysis of its current function.

6351 Seminar in U.S. Foreign Policy (3-0). A seminar that focuses on the study of issues and research areas in foreign policy with a focus on contemporary events. The history of foreign policy since World War II will be reviewed followed by a specific emphasis on diplomacy, foreign aid, forms of intervention, and emerging issues and challenges. Governmental institutions, international organizations and non-governmental organizations will be explored.