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Pre-Law Advising

Angelo State University does not offer a major in pre-law, but does offer assistance for students pursuing law careers.

The Department of Political Science and Philosophy offers pre-law advising to all Political Science majors and minors.

Pre-law advising includes advice about coursework, preparation and timing for taking the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT), what things will be necessary for admission into the best law schools, what to expect from law school and the profession of law.

ASU pre-law students have gone on to nationally recognized law schools, including Columbia, University of Texas at Austin, Georgetown, Baylor, Texas Tech and Harvard.

Pre-Law Advising

Contact the pre-law advisor for more information about preparing for law school:

Pre-Law Career Paths

These are some popular areas of expertise for students pursuing law degrees:

Lawyers are also needed in virtually every business area to assist in the interpretation of rules and regulations. A law degree can enable students to pursue careers as judges and in politics as either an elected official or a government advisor.

City Attorney Internship Program

The Department of Political Science and Philosophy offers Political Science majors the opportunity to intern with the City Attorney of San Angelo. Each semester one student is selected for the internship and is eligible to receive course credit. Email with any questions.

Honors Program

Joining the Honors Program may have special advantages for students pursuing careers in law. Honors students who are eligible for the Honors Advantage Program and interested in going to the Texas Tech University (TTU) School of Law can receive an early decision of their acceptance during their junior year. To qualify, students must be in good standing in the Honors Program, have at least a 3.5 undergraduate GPA and have an LSAT score that places them in the top half nationwide. Students will apply during the fall semester of their junior year and must commit to enroll at the TTU School of Law if they receive and accept an early decision. For more information, email