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Psychology Advising

All psychology majors are required to be advised.

At ASU, students receive advisement from faculty about degree requirements prior to registering for courses. While the registration system is the same for all students regardless of their major, the advising system differs from one academic department to another. The purpose of this section is to familiarize students who are psychology majors with the advisement and registration systems in this department. The advisement procedures vary slightly for the different registration periods, so it is necessary to understand the calendar of registration periods at ASU.

ASU has two continuous registration periods per year that begin about the 10th week of each long semester and run until classes begin the next semester. In other words, students begin registering for summer and fall classes in March of the preceding spring. They begin registering for spring classes in early November of the preceding fall. Clearly, it is to the students’ advantage to register for their courses earlier rather than later in these extended registration periods, because many of the psychology courses become closed (reach full capacity).

To register, students must have their Registration Access Code (RAC) cleared. Freshmen, sophomores, juniors, seniors, new students and new transfer students must see an advisor, who will then clear their RAC.

Advising Instructions

Psychology majors can sign up for an advising appointment in the Department of Psychology in Academic Building Room 204. The office coordinator has an appointment book that lists several hours per day in which students can see a faculty adviser. Students who are unable to come to campus should call the office coordinator at 325-942-2068.


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