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Graduate, Research and Teaching Assistantships

Our department provides financial support to graduate students by offering 11 assistantships. Six are graduate assistants (GAs), two are research assistants (RAs), and three are teaching assistants (TAs).

Job Availability, Application and Wages

New students as well as current students can qualify for the GA and RA positions by submitting this application to the department office.

The three TA positions are available only to students who have completed at least 18 graduate credit hours prior to the appointment. TA candidates use the same application form as GA and RA applicants and also submit it to the department office.

Duties of Graduate Assistants and Research Assistants

Graduate assistants have responsibility for a wide range of duties designed to support the undergraduate instructional program. Each works under the supervision of a faculty member who directs their work assignments.

Research assistants are assigned to work on research projects determined by the faculty project directors.

Both GA and RA positions are considered half-time employment and enable students to make normal progress toward their degrees.

Duties of Teaching Assistants

Teaching assistants receive teacher training in the fall and spring semesters by assisting their directing faculty members. In this capacity, they lead instructional discussion sessions with undergraduates and practice lecturing.

Selection Procedure

The selection of GAs, RAs and TAs is typically done during the spring semester prior to the upcoming academic year in which the appointments begin. Graduate program directors select the GAs and RAs. TAs are selected by Dr. van Ittersum and Dr. Lozano, the psychology faculty members who provide the training and supervision of those who are appointed. Interested students should apply for the positions by March 1st, so that their applications can be given full consideration.