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Welcome to the Experimental Psychology Lab

The Experimental lab, established in 2011, is located in the Academic building on the Angelo State University campus in room 215, and the Neuroscience lab is located in Science III in room 205, and is managed by Dr. Crystal Kreitler. The lab research currently explores, among other things, the use of cognitive tools to improve decision making and memory. She and her team are also currently examining how maternal deprivation impacts behavior utilizing a rodent model. Students interested in participating in any of the current experiments as a volunteer or to earn extra credit for a class can sign up on SONA.

Dr. Crystal Mata Kreitler

Dr. Crystal Kreitler

Dr. Crystal Mata Kreitler, an associate professor, at Angelo State University in the psychology department. She is a co-developer and serves as a director of the M.S. Experimental Program with a Behavioral Neuroscience Emphasis. Dr. Kreitler completed her PhD and a MS degree in experimental psychology with emphasis in cognition from Texas Christian University. Dr. Kreitler was born in California and raised in West Texas.

In addition to her passion for mentoring students in experimental research, she enjoys serving the community’s Foster Care Consortium, the Children’s Advocacy Center’s Coalition, the state’s DFPS Foster Care Task Force and the state’s Children’s Commission. Dr. Kreitler served as the ASU Faculty Senate President in the 2019-2020 year and was a member of the Texas Academic Leadership Academy’s inaugural cohort. She is the author of 19 empirical journal articles, a Research Methods Textbook and has authored over 30 conference presentations, but feels teaching in the classroom is unmatched.

M.S. in Experimental Psychology: Emphasis in Behavioral Neuroscience

For more information, visit the Master’s Degree in Experimental Psychology story.

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